Indian Fast Food

Indian Fast Food consists of a whole range of spicy, tangy, tasty snacks that Indians love to munch on! With the fast and the furious lifestyle of the young Indians, fast food is one industry that is growing multifold. Indian fast food consists of Pav bhaji, sev puri, bhel puri, samosa chat, idlis, dosas, panipuri, sandwich etc. Also, with more and more multinationals investing in the fast food industry in India, pastas, pizzas, burgers and Chinese food have also become a popular part of the Indian fast food.

In the earlier days, fast food was available with hawkers, street-side carts and even in fast food restaurants and joints. Now, with the multitude of malls coming up in the country, the concept of food court is emerging and how! Most food courts in the country have various fast food joint outlets that serve a variety of fast foods. One of the advantages of a food court is that the seating capacity is huge and can accommodate a large number of audiences. Each individual can easily select from among the numerous brands or food outlets that are available there.

Since most of the items that fall into the category of fast food are considered as unhealthy, the concept of diet snack is also picking up fast. Diet snacks like low fat, fiber rich sandwiches, wheat pizzas etc are available for the diet conscious population of the country.

Indian fast food is savored by one and all but for the most, the real pleasure of eating fast food dishes is on a street!